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Ben Sarnoff of Deeper Learning explains the basics of

using Pathwright for online learning. 


Ben Sanoff of High Tech High's Graduate School of Education trains teachers in a project-based ("deeper learning") pedagogy. His tutorials demonstrate the many fine features of the Pathwright Learning Management System that Mind Over Media uses as well. 

If you are new to Pathwright, these very short videos will orient you to this flexible form of online learning that you can customize for your learners. Click below to watch each video and you'll be ready to go!

1. Take a Course Tour.  Learn how to register for a course as a learner and gain knowledge of the basic ways that learners engage with the content and each other. 

2. Invite Students. Learn how to create a private copy of a Module and invite your own students to join. 

3. Customize the Module. Engage your learners by adding learning activities, videos, and other content to make it your own. 

4. Set Due Dates. Learn how to use the calendar to support student learning. 

5. Monitor Student Progress. Check on how your students are doing in each Module. 

6. Add Video Conference Meetings. You can add your own synchronous meeting links for your students and embed them in your Module. 

7. Add Additional Content to the Module. Add new content and learning experiences or include a screencast video to explain the Module to your students. 

Check out this "how to guide" for enrolling your own group of learners in the Mind Over Media modules. When you click on a Mind Over Media module, you will be invited to create a Mind Over Media Propaganda account. 

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