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Mind Over Media: A Crowdsourced Gallery

Access more than 3,000 examples of contemporary propaganda, then rate and comment on them. 

Mind Over Media: Lesson Plans

Nine lesson plans help you easily integrate the study of contemporary propaganda into your curriculum. 

Mind Over Media: Online Learning

Establish an account to explore digital learning paths that support and extend your learning. Take learning paths on your own or customize for your group. 

Propaganda Critic

Created by Aaron Delwiche, this fine website offers a wealth of resources on the study of propaganda.

Five Best Books for Understanding Propaganda and Persuasion

Renee shares her favorite popular books on the topic

Listen to the Audio Book

Read by Rosemary Benson

Propaganda Education Blog

Insights on teaching about propaganda from educators around the globe.

Mind Over Media: Encounters with Contemporary Propaganda

Class blog for #COM416 Propaganda



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